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Wheat Straw Pulp

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North America Green Pulp started with the development of innovative and proprietary technology which significantly improves the chemical pulping process of wheat straw. After more than 10 years of research and development, NAGP was established to provide a 100% Made-in-the USA, sustainably sourced, and more responsibly produced natural fiber pulp for a growing base of environmentally-conscious consumers or industrial customers.

NAGP wheat straw pulp is:

  • Food-safe & compostable, no chemical bleaching
  • ZERO trees harvested
  • Beautiful & natural “Wheat straw” golden color
  • Locally and sustainably sourced wheat-straw 100% from American farms
  • Nutrients go back to agricultural use


Our advantage.

NAGP proprietary technologies enable the production of high quality pulp without any processing wastewater discharge, and a significantly more efficient energy and water consumption. The patent pending process utilizes complex natural enzymes to break the links among the cellular structure. The result is superior processing and refining of wheat straw pulp fibers which can be adjusted to customer’s specific product requirements. Depends on the requirement of customers, NAGP’s process can provide the pulp for different applications.

NAGP’s pulping process recycles water and keeps the nutrients as organic matters. These nutrients are ideal for improving soil conditions for enhanced agricultural production. Collecting the nutrients from the processing water becomes possible as a result of lower cooking temperatures and pH conditions that do not cause in lignin and macronutrients becoming small particles melted in the process water. The overall water consumption is significantly reduced.


What we offer.

Natural Color Wheat Straw Pulp

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Carbon Nutrient

The Specification Sheet
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